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Kingston, Jamaica - Jamaica's Wyndham Hotel, the world's largest hotel chain, today announced the opening of its first hotel in Jamaica. The 224-room, century-old hotel offers luxurious amenities including a modern fitness centre, spa and wellness facilities. It also features a driving range and a championship golf course, which is just a short drive away.

Guests can also maintain their fitness routine, relax and unwind in the pool-side hot tub or relax in a private pool with hot tub, sauna or hot water hot tub. Guests can also maintain their fitness programs, relax and unwind with a fitness class or relax and massage in the pool hot tubs.

While you're in the pool, grab an award-winning cocktail at the Pool Bar, visit our new Rendezvous Bar or dance all night at Jonkanoo Lounge to pulsating reggae and Latin rhythms.

The terrace café offers an extravagant buffet, while the new Trattoria Baci fills every mood for an Italian experience with international flair. The excellent cuisine and attentive service are complemented only by the magnificent views, and we offer Jamaica's famous Blue Mountain coffee 24 hours a day. Stop by and smell the coffee as the Cafecino Coffee Bar serves the finest Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee and tempts you with a delicious selection of artisanal coffees and a wide selection of drinks. Other dining options include certified steaks in the restaurant's signature Steak & Seafood Bar or a steak house with bar in our new restaurant, St. John's Grill.

You can also stroll through the elegantly maintained grounds with night gardens, waterfalls and colourful tropical fish.

Other amenities include a private pool, spa, fitness centre, gym and private fitness centre. Other amenities for the rooms include private pools, sauna, whirlpool, steam room, private gym, pool and spa. Other amenities in the rooms and rooms include private pools and saunas, a spa on the beach and a gym.

Additional information and reservations for the Wyndham Hotel are available at 800 - 855 - 788 - 5555 or at Additional information for reservations at wyndHAM Hotel is available through the hotel's online reservation system, by calling 866-442-3200 and by calling 800-YWNDHAM. Meeting planners can also find information about the Teaneck Conference Hotel by email at [email protected] or visit WyND HAMILTON at http: / / www.wy NDHAM. Com. For more information about Caribbean and Caribbean hotels, visit the website, make online reservations or call.

For families, individuals or groups traveling to the Caribbean for a family vacation or a group of up to 10 people, visit wyndham at Hotels and other accommodation can also be found in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, California, Texas, Florida, Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida. Additional discounts can be applied to hotel rooms, suites, villas, apartments, condominiums and more at WyndHAM.

Wendham ByRequest members also collect Wyndham Rewards, which can be redeemed for stays in other hotels, suites, villas, apartments, condominiums and more. WyndaHawk Rewards also earn WyNDham award points that you can redeem for a stay through another option, such as hotel room, suite, apartment, condo or more or a combination of both.

Instead of points, members can choose whether to collect miles from different airlines. Instead of points, they can choose to earn miles by air or train with one airline, train or miles with a number of other airlines, including United, American, Delta, United Express, Southwest, JetBlue, Virgin America and others.

We've listed the best Wyndham hotels for Gatlinburg hotels so below you can browse the hotel list to find the perfect place for you. Find a meeting venue near you from available resources and specifications and find it. Built in 1851 as a prison, the Liberty Hotel is housed in an iconic Boston landmark, boasting a fun, modern atmosphere and design that honor the building's rich history.

The hotel offers authentic Caribbean cuisine and international cuisine in a modern, modern and contemporary design with a focus on comfort, comfort and coziness. The hotel offers authentic KarIBEAN cuisine and international awards in an innovative, modern and stylish design.

The Wyndham Kingston, Jamaica, is the first hotel in its history to offer executive floors as a full-service hotel. The restaurant and all 84 rooms are steeped in history, culminating in the ocean, with suites overlooking the Caribbean Sea and historic St. George's Bay.

Guests looking for a large meeting and function room in Kingston will find full-service meeting and meeting rooms and suites at the Wyndham Kingston Hotel, including a large meeting room with a capacity of up to 1200 people, suitable for a variety of meetings and events. Guests looking for spacious meeting and function rooms in Jamaica will find full-service meeting and meeting space, which includes a wide selection of meeting rooms and rooms, as well as an outdoor conference room and private dining room, all accommodating from 1 to 200 people for a variety of meetings and events. For more information, please contact the Hotel Management Office at 1-888-762-4500.

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